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Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Origin: Mainland China


Model Number: Nail Treatments

Type: Cuticle Oil/Nourishment Oil


Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes


Net content: 15ml
Product efficacy: Helps strengthen and repair fragile, easily broken, and easily delaminate nails, and promotes healthy nail growth.

Strengthen nails: Nail repair and growth solution is rich in nourishing ingredients, which can penetrate into the nail and strengthen the structure of the nail, making it stronger and more.
Repair nails: Nail repair and growth solution can repair damaged nails, including brittle, easily broken, easy to delaminate and other problems. It repairs the nail, fills in cracks and damage, and restores the nail to health.
Promote growth: Nail repair and growth solution contains ingredients that promote nail growth, which can stimulate blood circulation in the nail bed, provide sufficient nutrients, and promote healthy nail growth.
Protect nails: Nail repair and growth solution forms a protective film to prevent nails from being damaged by the external environment, such as external collisions.
Convenient and easy to use: Nail repair and growth liquid usually adopts a brush head design, which is easy to apply on the nails and is simple and quick to use.
Multifunctional: Some nail repair and growth solutions also have other functions, such as protection, enhancing nail brightness, etc., which can meet different nail care needs.

Take an appropriate amount of repair solution and apply it evenly on the nail brush.
Be careful to apply evenly and avoid over-application or accumulation.
Gently massage the repair solution with your fingertips to help it better penetrate into the nail.
You can properly massage the skin around your nails to promote blood circulation.

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Package includes:
1* 15ml Nail repair solution

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