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Brand Name: PURC

Origin: Mainland China

NET WT: 60g

Ingredient: Biotin,Collagen

Quantity: 1PCS

Item Type: Hair & Scalp Treatment

Model Number: Hair Mask

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Feature: Hair mask for hair loss

Effect: Hair regrowth,Softening hair

Function: Repairs dry damaged hair

Shelf Life: 3 Years


PURC HAIR MASK HAIR LOSS Treatment Repair Damaged DryHAIR CARE Professional

What is Collagen Hair Mask ???

This product contains triple collagen,strengthens the hair root, controls oil and balances and repairs the scalp;

50,000 ppm Biotin Complex makes the hair follicles stronger and more elastic, prevents hair loss and reduces hair fall.promotes hair growth, prevents gray hair growth



2-in-1 double repair hair, make hair beautiful, healthy, anti-hair loss 60g

1.Easy to use

2.Strong Hair Root

3.Moisturizing Repair Damaged Hair

4.Anti-hair loss and prevention of gray hair



After shampooing, leaves hair with a perfumed sweet scent that lasts 16 hours

Top notes: Lily of the valley, Geranium, Bergamot

Like being in the nature, a delicate blend of floral and sweet fresh fruit scents, providing relief and relaxation in times of fatigue.


Middle notes: White orchid, Rose, Candied fruits, Pine needles

The fragrance gradually deepens, becoming more profound and lingering, accompanying each breath, inducing deep relaxation.


Base notes: Lily, Orchid, Fruit honey

The fragrance slowly fades away, extending into the distance, leaving behind a subtle and elegant floral scent that gently caresses the senses.



After washing your hair, towel dry it until it's semi-dry. Then, take an appropriate amount of hair mask and apply it evenly to your hair strands. Wait for about 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with plenty of clean water.

Do you also have the following hair problems?

Severe hair loss

Tangling and split ends

Dry and brittle

Greasy and flat

The key issue in hair loss is follicular

Breakage-type hair loss

Insufficient nutrients for the follicles, leading to fragile and easily breakable hair.

Scalp laxity-type hair loss

Loose scalp, causing the hair follicles at the roots to loosen and lead to hair loss.

Follicular atrophy and dormancy hair loss

Follicles enter an atrophic phase, and hair enters a dormant phase, resulting in hair loss.

Hair loss due to staying up late, stress, and postpartum

Regularly staying up late, experiencing high levels of stress, and postpartum conditions can disrupt hormonal balance, damaging the follicular environment and causing hair loss.

To truly address hair loss, four steps are needed

1. Nutrient Supplementation

Small molecule protein complexed with amino acids to provide nourishment to the follicles and hair, making it stronger and less prone to breakage.

2. Scalp Tightening

Triple collagen tightens the scalp, stabilizes the hair roots, and reduces hair loss.


3. Prolonged Hair Growth Phase

Biotin + Saw Palmetto reawakens the follicles, extending the hair growth phase, and slowing down hair loss.


4. Regulation of Internal Balance

Niacinamide balances oil production, Panthenol repairs the follicles, restoring a healthy balance to the hair growth environment and reducing hair loss.

Effective in as little as 2 weeks, noticeable hair loss prevention.

Consistent use for 3 months, hair loss -40%.


-Improves dryness and frizziness


-Leaves hair smooth and voluminous


-Easy to comb, no tangles


-Eliminates odors and offers long-lasting fragrance

Selecting high-quality ingredients to create hair as smooth and glossy as silk

50000ppm Biotin

-Reduces hair loss

-Promotes hair growth

-Prevents the growth of white hair

Effective anti-hair loss rate of 90%+

Triple Collagen

-Tightens the scalp and strengthens the roots



-Balances oil production



-Repairs the scalp

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